Acne Cause Treatment

 v  Definition Of Acne   : 

Homeopathic Treatment for Acne


              Acne is a skin disorder resulting from the blockage of hair follicles in the skin. Excess cells produced in the follicle combine with sebum, an oily substance secreted by glands connected to the follicle. When a plug forms in the follicle and is infected with bacteria, a pimple erupts.
 v  Causes  and  Symptoms Of Acne  :
             Acne is thought to result from the interaction of four factors that are most common in adolescents but can occur in adults as well. The first is the rise in production of hormones known as androgens, which are hormones produced by the adrenal glands (located on top of the kidneys) and are present in women as well as in men. The hormonal increase triggers the rapid multiplication of the cells lining the hair follicles on the face, chest, upper back, and shoulders. When these cells are produced faster than the follicle can shed them, they form a plug that blocks the follicle and keeps the sebum produced by the glands connected to the follicle from reaching the surface of the skin. The mixture of oily sebum and dead skin cells in the plug allows bacteria known as Propioni bacterium acnes, which normally live on the skin, to grow inside the follicle. The chemicals produced by the bacteria then trigger an inflammatory response from the body’s immune system. White blood cells are drawn to the area around the plugged follicle to fight the bacteria. If the plugged follicle bursts, the inflammation may spread, leading to the pus-filled pimples and cysts of severe acne. Some people are more likely than others to develop acne .

 v  Risk Factors    :
• Heredity  :  People with a family history of acne are more likely to develop acne at a relatively early age and to have more severe breakouts.
• Changes in the body’s hormonal levels  : Pregnant women, women in the week preceding the menstrual period, women in early menopause, and teenagers of either sex are more likely to develop acne.People who use steroids for bodybuilding, medications containing cortisone, antiepileptic medications, or lithium are also more likely to have acne.
• Exposure  :  to greasy or oily substances (deep-fat fryers or similar cooking equipment, lubricating oils and grease guns, oil-based paints) at home or in the workplace.
• Clothing or athletic equipment :   Backpacks, shoulder straps, helmets, headsets, etc.  that puts pressure on skin or rubs against it.
• Climate  : People who live in locations with high humidity or high levels of air pollution are more likely to develop acne. Mild acne is not painful; the pustules and cysts of severe acne, however, may be sore to the touch. In addition, the psychological effects of acne can be very painful for many patients, particularly adolescents.

 v  Important facts about acne  :
      It is not usually affected by diet.
      It is not caused by oily hair or hair touching the forehead.
      It is not infectious from one person to another.
      Ordinary chemicals (including chlorine in swimming pools) do not make it worse.
      Blackheads are not dirt, and will not dissolve in hot, soapy water.
      It may flare up with excessive stress
 v  Diet  :
Avoid any foods that seem to aggravate your acne (such as chocolate or milk), but special diets are not advised. However, have a sensible, nutritious diet.
 v  Acne Treatment  :
 Acne Treatments work in one or more of four ways :
•  Lowering the skin’s production of sebum
•  Speeding up the removal of dead skin cells
•  Fighting bacterial infection
•  Reducing the skin’s inflammatory response to infection


Written by DR.VADERA

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