Varicocele Cause Treatment

What is Varicocele ?

         Varicocele is  an illness of  a testis- namely a Pampiniform Plexus of Veins (The network of veins that empty  blood  from testes). Recall a testes are a Masculine Gonads obliged  for sex hormone and Spermatozoa production. The condition occurs due to an insufficiency of Valves within veins of a Spermatic Cord. This causes Veins to expand, Ensuing in  a  localized Venous Pile (Or Varicocele) Nearby a Testis. It is many some-more Common on a Left Suspicion to be due to anatomical relations of  Veins. 
         Varicoceles  usually develop slowly. They are more common in men ages 15 - 25 and are most often seen on the left side of the scrotum. Varicoceles are often the cause of infertility in men.  The sudden appearance of a varicocele in an older man may be caused by a kidney tumor, which can block blood flow to a vein. 
Varicocele  Causes  :
          A varicocele is thought to occur because of the greater distance that the main vein from the left testicle travels inside the body (compared to the vein from the right testicle) before emptying into its respective kidney vein. This further distance, combined with the downward force of gravity, can in some men cause failure of the valve system somewhere between the vein from the left testicle and left kidney vein. As a result, blood pools in the small veins of the left spermatic cord, widening them and forming the swelling that is the varicocele.

Symptoms   :
             •    Enlarged, twisted veins in the scrotum
             •    Infertility
             •    Painless testicle lump, scrotal swelling, or bulge within the scrotum
             •    There may not be symptoms.

How common are varicoceles ?
          Up to 20 per cent of all men have a varicocele, but up to 40 per cent of men who have fertility problems have a varicocele. Until recently, having a varicocele was thought to contribute to difficulty in a man fathering children.
How to diagnosed Varicocele ?
          To diagnose a varicocele a doctor will need to look at and feel the testicles. The varicocele can be felt through the scrotum as a swelling on the outside of the testicle — the so-called bag of worms. Often the varicocele can only be felt when a man is standing, and disappears when he is lying down as the blood pressure to it falls.
          Confirmation of this diagnosis is best done by a Doppler test at the same time. The Doppler is a small pen like probe which is applied to the cord. It bounces sound waves off the blood vessels and measures blood flow by magnifying the sound of blood flowing through the veins. This can be recorded. Patients with a varicocele have a reflux of blood during coughing which shows up as a large spike on the tracing. Other tests which are done uncommonly to confirm the diagnosis of a varicocele include:  Special X-ray studies called venograms; and thermograms.

v  Varicocele Treatment without Surgery Homeopathic Medicine :

         Because surgery for varicocele repair is simple and straightforward. Doctors still repair any varicoceles they find in infertile men.
        However, keep in mind that varicocele surgery may result in an improvement in sperm count and motility in only about 30% of patients - and it is still not possible for the doctor to predict which patient will be helped. Of course, just improving the sperm count is not enough - and pregnancy rates after varicocele repair alone are in the range of 15%. If a man with a low sperm count gets pregnant after varicocele surgery.  One danger of doing a varicocele repair is that when it doesn't help, patients get frustrated, and refuse to pursue more effective options, such as other alternative medicine opation i.e. Homeopathy.

When to go for surgery  or for treatment ?
            If a man has a varicocele but has no discomfort and no fertility problems, then treatment may not be necessary. Wearing an athletic support may relieve aching in the affected testicle. However, if there is ongoing discomfort then consult doctor .
            In a teenage boy diagnosed with a varicocele, surgery is usually considered only if one testicle is considerably smaller than the other, or he is in pain.


Written by DR.VADERA

Homoeopathy is the best 21th century alternative and the fast growing system of medicine. In this system of medicine natural remedies are used to arouse and strengthen the natural capacity of the body to overcome disease. It is the most scientific, effective, safe and simple system of medicine in the treatment of all the chronic as well as acute disease.


  1. Dear Sir
    i m having pain in my left testicles since two years almost
    at left one is very smaller in size doctor diagnose it as varicocele

    can it be treated without operation

    if any please advise me
    thank you

    1. Hello..
      Homeopathic medicine for varicocele work well without operation surgery
      Mail me your sign ,symtoms of varicocele ,age , and scan report of sonography to

  2. sir I have vericocle grade 2 ,due this I have pain in left testis as well as legs from last 6 it conpletly curable by homeopathy(Erna in by art in

    1. Homeopathic medicine for varicocele is useful to treat varicocele without surgery.. Mail me your colour dopller study of scrotum with physical health detail _


  3. Sir i have varicocele and swollen epididimysis... its painful... can it be treated fully

  4. sir i have vericocele my leftside .... mild vericocele .. and show worm bag like ball ... leftside .... plzzz... help .. me ... and decide medicine ..... then i regularly use ... and i can comeback normal life ..... thanks ...

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