F.A.Q. About Homeopathy


1. Are Homeopathic medicines safe ?
        The mode of preparation of homeopathic medicines is such that the medicines are repeatedly diluted and succussed to enhance the inherent curative powers of natural substances. By this method the material quantity of natural substances is reduced to minimal thereby reducing there side effects.

2. Is it possible to take conventional medicines  with Homeopathy ?
        Homeopathy can be taken along with conventional medicines like antihypertensives, insulin, dietary supplements or other medicines which the body is used to for years and need a slow withdrawal. 
        However certain conventional medicines like antibiotics and skin ointments and lotions are restricted as they interfere with Homeopathic medicines.

3. How long shall I take the medicine ?

        It totally depends on the disease, its duration and prognosis. A recently developed disease might need medicine for a shorter period while a chronic disease of many years might require medicine for longer periods.

4. Are there too many dietary restrictions with           Homeopathy ? 

      It is a myth that there are lots of dietary restrictions with homeopathic medicines like onions, garlic, coffee etc. There are only few medicines which get antidoted by certain food products nothing applies as a rule and in most cases no dietary restrictions apply

5. Can Homeopathic medicines be taken safely for children and during                     pregnancy ? 

             It is absolutely safe to take homeopathic medicines for children and during pregnancy; in fact Homeopathy is helpful in treating various pregnancy and post delivery ailments.

6. Why do homeopaths ask so many questions ? 
            The aim of Homeopathic consultation is to individualize each patient. Homeopathy aims to treat each particular sick individual holistically. In order to understand the sick man as a whole , we need to understand about his will, intellect, morals, emotions, stressful events in life and his reaction to them, probable causative factors of disease ( mental or physical) , his physical reactions to environment around and of course exact details of disease itself. So during a homeopathic consultation all this information is required to understand the complete picture of disease and find an exact medicine.


Written by DR.VADERA

Homoeopathy is the best 21th century alternative and the fast growing system of medicine. In this system of medicine natural remedies are used to arouse and strengthen the natural capacity of the body to overcome disease. It is the most scientific, effective, safe and simple system of medicine in the treatment of all the chronic as well as acute disease.